The WW2 Bunker

Mission Detail +

It's WW2 and you are Fritz Kolbe working as an undercover spy for the American’s OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The end of the war looms near while the eastern and western front continue closing in on Berlin. Bombing raids have been regular occurrence in the recent months. The devastation acts as a persistent and deadly reminder of what is to come for those who are evil. You fear the Germans have identified you as a spy, and therefore, you have been lying low, avoiding the Germans and trying to steer clear of the bombing raids.

The OSS has contacted you for one final mission. They recently acquired intelligence that pinpoints the location of a top secret bunker that has been frequently visited by high-ranking Nazi officials over the past several months. The bunker rests below the home of a feared German Officer, Albert Muller. He is an architect for the Nazis' offices and residences. Furthermore, his titles include Minister of Armaments and Minister of War Production. Albert has significant party influence and is extremely close to Hitler.

Your task is to get into the bunker, establish radio contact with the home base, figure out the Nazi escape plans, and get out. You know the Nazi’s have you on their radar but you risk everything and follow orders. There is no turning back now - The Nazis must be defeated. Good luck, Soldier, the world is depending on you.

Difficulty +

4 out of 5

Number of Participants +

2-8 Players

Leaderboard +

1. Trapped Puzzle Vets: 136.42

2. The Cheese Whizzes: 135.62

3. Team Lakevillians: 130.17

4. Team Mullett: 118.58

5. Team Garrett and the Lemons: 106.25

6. Team Zero Seconds Remaining: 105.03